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3. Insert your Username

Get this information at the bottom of the sheet that contains the school year calendar for this year.
Ex: a12345 
Code consisting of 4 alpha-numeric characters, which is represented in the image beside..
Ex: qx4v 
1. If you are a student of IPB and want to recover your password but lost the Reference that was provided to you at the time of the first enrollment at IPB, you have one of two options available:
  • a) If you previously provided an alternative email to IPB in the service https://myconfig.ccom.ipb.pt, fill in the form on the left and press the "Send Email" button. You will then receive a message with a link to an activation form in that alternate email. Fill out this form to set a new password.
  • b) If you have not yet provided an alternate email in the service https://myconfig.ccom.ipb.pt you have to go to the IPB Communications Center, to recover your password.

2. Do you want to activate/recover your account with the Reference provided with the documentation of the 1st enrollment of IPB? Click here!